Patient Testimonials

 "My 2014 was a nightmare. Enduring multiple strokes, blood clots in my lungs and legs, culminating with cancer surgery and four and one-half months of chemotherapy, I was a mess. I had seen local doctors practicing in just about every specialty from A to Z. Yet I wanted to rebuild my immune system, devastated from my health journey, and to keep myself on track back to wellness. Most importantly, I wanted to be sure that my cancer never returned.

I set my initial meeting with Dr. Vance with some trepidation. I felt I had enough of doctors over the past year. Why would I want to add another physician to an already overwhelming list?

My anxieties soon calmed as I met with Dr. Vance and her assistant Olivia at my first consultation. Her philosophy of practice encourages wellness, instead of treating disease. With most physicians I saw one of two outcomes from a patient appointment: either a drug prescription, or referral to a surgeon. But not so with Dr. Vance.

After extensive bloodwork, she reviewed with me everything from nutrition to supplements to exercise to personal habits, all designed to put me on the path to good health and to keep me there. In about six months, I had the same bloodwork, and the results were impressive. I am achieving optimal levels, thanks to her skillful guidance.   Plus, I feel great!  My only regret is that I had not consulted with her sooner."

Ann B.

Dr Vance:  To a real woman of courage, conviction, and compassion--who is truly in place to offer her talent and education for the good of others! the Good Lord bless you an protect you--one of His truth seekers.  Never cease to do good!

Christine R.

"Through her recommended lifestyle changes and IV therapoy, Dr. Vance has restored my sense of well-being.  My arthritis has disappeared; my weight has dropped by 25 pounds; my energy level has escalated; and I actually feel good again!  I had forgotten what it felt like to be fully functional!  I am so happy now that I have Insight to my Health and Wellness!! "

Paula P.

"I whole heartedly believe that Dr Nancy Vance was placed next to me at a meeting by God! When I first met her I was struggling- truly believing I was dying inside - I had gone through cancer treatments for HPV tonsil cancer in 2010. Which included 40 radiations and 8 chemo treatments. It was now October 2013 and I was having problems forming full sentences and wasn't even sure if I was using simple words properly in sentences. I had no energy. My life was a series of daily struggles to make it through my work day and nothing more. 

I had a weekend in the Hospital and the next week Nancy gave me my first IV. It was an amazing moment that changed my life! The minute the nutrients entered my veins I felt a surge of life re-enter my body! It only lasted a day- but it gave me hope where there had been none! 

It's been 9 months since my first IV- I have my life back! I have energy, activities outside of work! I am living again! Dr Nancy Vance is a miracle in my life - I am forever grateful to her and her knowledge and friendship. I highly recommend trying her treatments- It's made all the difference in the world for me. She is caring, intelligent amazing women-Thanks for everything!"

- Patti R.

"I am a 48 year old who suffered greatly from menopause for the past three years until April of 2012, when my life was completely changed. After suffering from bouts with hot flashes, night sweats, irregular periods, loss of libido, vaginal dryness, mood swings, fatigue, sleep disorders, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, weight loss, joint pain, depression, to include chronic headaches that last over three months that lead to countless visits to the emergency room. 

With only my right ovary carrying the workload on attempting to produce enough estrogen to maintain hormone balance I began experiencing pain on my left side leading to an emergency room visit. A CAT scan revealed that a large Dermoid Cyst was the root of the pain and pressure on my back and sides impacting the remaining ovary's ability to function correctly.

Soon thereafter the ovary was successfully removed without a proper plan of action for addressing hormone imbalance. When visiting the OBGYN doctor they determined that birth control would remedy my crisis; with no detail blood work to reach that determination. That with having seen countless other doctors such as a neurologist, endocrinologist, pain management, psychologist, internal medicine, even an acupuncturist as a last resort led to no more than large dose of beta blockers, pain management, and more complex problems that contributed to my crisis.


Finally one day after being taken to the emergency room by my oldest son after suffering a major panic attack it was there that we first met this amazing doctor. Although I did not have the opportunity to fully speak with her because of my situation my husband was able to converse regarding my condition. She was unlike any other medical professional we had ever encountered previously. Her listening skills along with her interest in hearing my situation were unique. For some time I would express to my husband that I was not going to take synthetic hormones were one size fits all with side effects and the potential for other related health issues.

Although I had read for sometime about Bio-Identical HRT we could not find a traditional medical professional or specialist that seemed either interested or had knowledge about the treatment. My OBGYN doctor had basically given up since I refused to take synthetic hormones and she clearly stated that she did not believe in Bio-Identical as a method of treatment. She also referred me to a pharmacologist who claimed to have managed hundreds of menopause cases in the past by treating them with Bio-Identical HRT. After visiting with her for the first time she conducted an assessment, recommended some vitamins, and other nutritional products since she deemed me too weak for HRT.


The results of this recommendation lead me once again to another emergency room visit with panic attacks, chronic pain, etc and being admitted to the hospital. After three days of seeing countless doctors they determined that everything from blood test, scan, MRI's, etc were all negative therefore concluded that with sleeping medication, less stress, and maintaining a proper diet that my headaches would eventually go away.

A few days later one early morning around 4:00 am I drank too many sleeping pills. The results were another emergency room visit for potential suicide. Although Dr. Vance was not the ER doctor she happened to be there on that day. It is here that the spark of hope finally ignited into a living realty that help had arrived giving me a glimpse of expectation for a brighter future.

My husband and I scheduled a visit to her practice. She had requested that I complete a historical assessment, blood work, saliva test, and to bring all my medicines, vitamins, and concerns to our consultation. By now I was totally hopeless wondering how I would make it to her practice being such a mess! While traveling I would cry, got panic attacks, hot flashes, etc. It was a terrible experience. 

My husband and I knew there was something entirely different about this doctor as compared to countless other traditional medical professionals.

When we met with Dr. Vance it was almost as if she was as eager to assist me as I was to meet her. She was patient, told us her story about why she became an Anti-Aging Bio-Identical doctor. It almost seemed like this was a divinely appointed moment. I began to cry! She reviewed my assessment, blood results, consulted with a plan of action that involved a regiment of vitamins, nutrition, andmost of all Bio-Identical-HRT.


It was exactly April 10th that I began administering HRT treatment. Within two weeks my headaches began subsiding, energy levels returned, quality of life improved, desire for living had become as vivid as looking through a clear glass of water no longer like murky still water! Since writing this testimonial it is exactly two months of pure transformation. Everything that was robbed by menopause, miss-understood by countless traditional doctors, lost of precious moments with my family, friends, Church commitments, along with the ability to drive, shop, relax, and most of all enjoy reading my Bible, reaching out to others, and breathing freely has been restored. 


Dr. Vance is an amazing person who made a major impact on giving back what could have been a total lost. For me the timing to have met Dr. Vance was an absolutely amazing experience that must be shared with countless others who are suffering from one of the most difficult periods in a women's life, that is having to deal with menopause with treatments that are not effective until you receive proper treatment in the areas of hormone replacement therapy, proper diet, and exceptional supplements to compliment the whole process for "Staying Young" and living healthy. "

- Marisol P.

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